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Avatar: The Last Airbender by JessicaSweetTV

“Avatar : A great series”
In a world where there are four elements, and masters of each elements called benders, the fire nation decides to invade when the last Avatar (the one who masters 4 elements) dies, starting by killing all Airbenders.

100 years later, a girl, Katara, and her brother Sokka of the water tribe, found Aang, the last Airbender and also the new Avatar. The series follows the adventures of Aang as he trains in the four elements, to face the Fire Nation, and restore the balance on the world.

This series is made by Nickelodeon.

The idea of four elements is used here in a very interesting way, each having specific properties, that also shape the cultures of each tribe. The story of the avatars is also an interesting one.

The characters, evolve during the series, each having a specific weight in it. The inclusion of secondary characters helps a lot to the development of the main characters.

The story is divided in 3 books, for the other 3 elements Aang needs to master.

The first book water, helps to make the bond beetween Aang, Katara, and Sukko. Also shows the fire Nation Prince Zukko, in this book the character personalities are developed, and the story arch evolves around Aang and Katara going to a water tribe to master water bending. Has some out of story chapters, that helps see the non-serious side of characters.

The second water earth, is when Aang learns earth, but also has to learn about the war and his place in it. New characters are showed here Toph, fire Nation Princess Azula. This book helps a lot in developing Aang from thekid of Season 1 to a more conscious Avatar. Also, it gives a lot of background about Avatars, and the Fire Prince Zukko. The final episodes on Earth City Bah-sing-se are full of fast paced action, and a great plot.

The third book, so far only the first half has aired, is the Fire nation, its the book when Aang is supposed to face his destiny. This books helps a lot to understand Fire Nation. Also gives a lot more development to characters. Specially Zukko.

The story arch, develops nicely among the 3 books, with some nice pauses to tell side stories. Yet there are a few episodes that are kind of slow like "The swamp".
Also a great comic relief in each episode. That has become more comic since book 2 on between Sokka and Toph.

Animation for the most chapters is really good and clean. The big cities are really impressive, each with a very defined personality, from the defensive north water tribe, to the fun-fast Omashu, to the cold Bah-Sing-seh.

Voice of characters is good too, and helps a lot to give more depth to the personality of each character, like Katara and the sweet but hard voice helps to her maternal personality, Or the anxious Zukko voice helps with his down and angry personality.

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Avatar: The Last Airbender: Avatar : A great series

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