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InuYasha by ryuusei07kira

“cut too short?”
kagome, an average school girl living in the present has something that the past would want to have, a stone that would grant anyone who holds it great power, a power that would be unstoppable. unfortunately and fortunately for her at the same time, she has a grand father who believes in spiritual things and is an old kind of monk. they live on top of a hill where a sacred well is on, a well that would link kagome to the past, where monsters and demons and supernatural things live in. one day, accidentally she fell into the well sending her to the past with the powerful stone inside her pocket attracting a monster, but she, unknowingly having a powerful pure spirit fried the monster up when the moster touched her and when she came to, she found herself in another place, completely different from the one she came from. once out, she found a boy with dog ears and an arrow on his chest trapped in an ancient tree that stands in her backyard in the present. soon she releases this boy, a half monster named inuyasha, a half demon that would one of her allies against other demons that would try and get the stone from her, well even inuyasha wants the stone but kagome has control over him and soon they would fall in love with one another, and as soon as they did complications start to happen because inuyasha's long lost love gets reincarnated by some demon, who happens to look like kagome, inuyasha's present love. the stone get's broken up into pieces being held up by different demons that they have to figh to complete the stone, unfortunately though, this anime runs too long without much progress, the only thing dissapointing about this series but aside from that i highly recomment it.
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