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Prince of tennis by kuanbuo

“prince yeah!!”
Prince of Tennis is a very enjoyable anime if you don't think too much about it.
The biggest appeal in the anime has to be the sheer number of players. Each player has their special moves and sayings. However, this can also be a drawback. Since the opponent players mostly only appear during their match, there is no time to develop the characters. That's why they have to have a special move for each of them. Many of these moves are totally exaggerated to leave the viewers an impression. This is especially true of the part of plot that did not come from the manga. The anime especially changed some plot from the original manga to appeal to an younger audience (especially younger fan girls). For example, the one of the Seigaku regular Kaidou can hit a curve ball, so every time he does that move people will say "it's the boomerang snake!" This makes the anime much more 'shallow' than the manga. It gets a little repetitive because all the players always repeat their own famous sayings.
This anime is not true to the sport of tennis, and obviously you can't learn much about tennis except for the basic rules. However, I still think it is very enjoyable because there is a long term goal: the nationals. Also watching how Seigaku players' skills evolve as they face tougher and tougher opponents is very exciting. It's especially fun to see how they overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles. In fact I am waiting for someone defeat Echizen, who hasn't lost to anyone except his own captain.
If you are looking for a fun show with good laughs and not concerned about the little details, then Prince of Tennis is for you.
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