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Crayon Shin-chan by jenni5656

“the most disgusting and funniest show ever ”
OK by the looks of this show lets face it, it looks like a low income piece of crap, but in all honesty it may be but its one of the funniest low income pieces of crap i have ever watched. The fact that you have a kindergarten going around showing his gentitals and his butt in almost every episode makes me laugh for hours. The dialoge is amazing in how simple it is, but has the attitude and bite behind it to deliever a quote that will be in your head for weeks. The sheer simpleness of this show combine with the use of profanity and vulger comments and the nudity factor makes this show a great show for all adults, but keep it away from the kiddies, the animation may make it look like a kids show but it is far from it.
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Crayon Shin-chan: the most disgusting and funniest show ever

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