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Detective Conan by jenni5656

“Detective conan 2”
From the first episode i feel in love with this series. I can never wait for the next episode so i can try and solve the puzzle. The basics of this anime is a mystery detective suspence genera. It starts with jimmy kudo who was a 17year old detective prodigy that was until he was given a drug that was supposed to kill him but shrunk him to a 7year old child, but he kept his 17year old mind. He moves in with his long time crush and her father who is a down on his luck detective that is until jimmy disguesed as Conan edigawa comes to stay. Together with special invetions such as a stun watch, voice changing bowtie, and solar powered skate board he solves murder mystery after murder mystery, all at the same time looking for the men who shrunk him to regain his old self back. He uses the fact that his crush racheal's dad is a detective to help him but he also helps her dad Richard Moore at the same time with his carrer as it was dying and since conan started to help he has become super famous well in his opinion. At first, Conan tried to leave the huge hints lying around, or he tried to point the poor slob in the right direction. But this got old fast and got him nowhere. So then he began using his mini-tranquilizer darts hidden in his watch to knock Moore out, and then explain everything to the police and onlookers himself by using a voice-changing bowtie. Thus richard got the nickname of "The Sleeping Moore. This series is amazing and keeps you hooked. With all the clues it keeps you entertained and makes you pay attetion to see if you can solve the mystery first
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