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Naruto Shippuuden by super_saiyan_iii

“Sooo Serious!”
Was it two years? I mean the wait for this part of Naruto to come alive in the anime version? No, but almost! Naruto has grown up, so does everyone else in the series. The story is back on track. Compared to the previous Naruto series, Shippuuden seems a bit more serious. Maybe it is an indication that things are getting harder to deal with. There is less comedy, the soundtracks have been changed, umm, and the battles are more difficult as the story progresses. Of courses it turned that way, they are dealing with the Akatsuki. In another point of view, the name itself reflects a rebranding effort to the Naruto series. And another comparison, it is like the Dragon Ball saga by Akira Toriyama. As the story progressed to Dragon Ball Z, the humor became less and the storyline got serious and the battles got more and more difficult. Well, this is what I think about Naruto Shippuuden. Keep up the good work!!!
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  • #1 - posted by Dragondem on 10.05.08 @ 1:59AM
    Of course. I mean the Complete Background in the world of naruto. The Ninja World! Is a Story seeting that has only the Way to go a more Darker and serious way. The Comedy was funny. But I often think that this situation is to serious to make Fun. Or that the protagonist is a complet idiot in the most scenes. Note: I live in Germany so my school english is not very good.

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