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InuYasha by kuronecko

This anime takes place in the feudal era , about a half-demon named Inuyasha. The shikon jewel is a powerful item that can increase the power of any demon who posses it, and can make half-demons into ful fledged demons( which is what inuyasha first seeks it for). firt inuyasha wanted it to become human for kikyo's sake( a priestess) , but an evil demon named Naraku messes things up and inuyasha ends up getting sealed for 50 years. Then a girl named kagome shows up, an incarnation of kikyo . They get well not so well but slowly their friendship turns into love, although both wont admit it.a common quote which is in alot of episodes is"oswari"(which means SIT) , that command immediately makes inuyasha sit(more like fall) because of the necklace around his neck.there journey begins to find the shikon jewel alon with Sango,Miroku,Shippou and Kirara. There are also many encounters with Naraku, Kikyo, Sesshoumaru( inuyasha's demon brother )and many more. All in all this anime is a must-watch:D
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