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Death Note by kuronecko

“Death note- unbearable suspense”
This anime is definitely an all time best. this story mainly revolves around Yagami light , a genius who thinks this world is like trash. when he picks up the Death Note,he decides to pass jugement over the world by himself. But like any story, theres always the opposing side, which in this case would be L. a mastermind detective who hasnt failed to solve a single mystery. Then theres Ryuk, the shinigami(death god) ho purposely dropped the death note cuz he was bored. Well i wont spoil the anime for you, but trust me, you will definitely NEVER regret watching this anime. Theres just SO much suspense in between the episodes. Try waiting one week after watching the second last episode and last episode, it wont be possible, you will be immediately attached to the computer until you somehow find uoot whats going to happen . all in all i think this is one of the besty anime's ever created, the sound , quality, story and characters are all interesting =)
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Death Note: Death note- unbearable suspense

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