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Bleach by pimpng

Bleach the anime is avery refreshing anime. The first time I watched bleach I really didnt pay attention to it I thought it was kinda dumb, But I started watching it and now I love it so much. Bleach starts out with a solid story line that will captivate you and make you want more and more. When the anime progresses you will be amazed at what happens! In the middle it does get kinda boring (allot of fillers!!!) but since you can download up to 173 now its nice because you can skip it all, right now the anime is at the top, the episodes are excellent and very exciting keep up the good work to the writers, and you should definentely watch this anime if you like Action, and Adventure. I highly recomend this anime and if you havnt seen Bleach yet I strongly urge you to sit down and get addicted to it!!! The reason I gave the series a 9 for the sound and animation is because at the begining it wasnt very popular i.e you are not gonna get perfect quality, but the past few episodes they have really upped the production value, and the story is absoultely amazing, ichigo an ordinary guy finding out that he has powers and the ability to see spirits, and through a series of events is able to reatain these powers. After finding these powers he decides to fight for what he thinks is right. so a 10 for story. The characters are amazing as well ( I love KON!!!!) they all mix together very well. a 10 for enjoyment because it is a very filling anime. Overall a 10 reall the only thing bad about this anime is that in the middle they are all fillers so that got really boring but its all worth it right now!!! Bleach is an amzing anime and i strongly urge you to start watching it!
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