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InuYasha by pimpng

okay i hate this anime with a passion and now i will tell you why!!!! on adult swim (cartoon network) inuyasha would come on a long time ago, so i would watch it and i liked it, it was pretty cool watching inuyasha kill demond and then watching kagome kill demons and yea it was cool. There was action and there was actually a pretty good story line. okay here is how it starts kagome is a girl in high school and one day she goes into a building at her home where the well is she falls in and through events she gets into japan during the feudal era, she is walking around and she finds inuyasha a half demon half human pinned to a tree by an arrow. allot happens and a demon is attacking her and he promises to defeat the demon if she lets him go so she does by pulling out the arrow and he kills the demon. kagome finds out that inuyasha was pinned to the tree by kikyo who was inuyasha lover i guese she pinned him there becasue this bad guy naraku is trying to get the sacred jewl, which make you more powerful, and kikyo is the protecter of it and naraku disguises himself as inuyasha and attacks her and allmost kills her so she pinned inuyasha to a tree thinking he did that to her. so now inuyasha wants the jewel because kikyo is dead now and through allot of things a bird demon get the jewel and kagome fires an arrow and hirts the jewel making it shatter into hundreds of pieces that spread thought the land, so now inuyasha have to find them and put it back together before naraku does. They meet up with people on the way whose lives had been affected severely by naraku and who all want revenge in him. So yea allot happens and right now your thinking this doesnt sound to bad what the f is that guy thinking well here is why it sucks!!! you wait and watch 167 episodes and there is no ending!!!! yea there really is no ending it just stops!! you think well maybe its in the manga books nope not there either that just stops too!!!!! so dont waste you time at all everything looks promising but there is no ending!!!!!
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  • #1 - posted by KingOfRoll on 08.29.08 @ 9:35PM
    The show just ends there because their writer quit. The series is supposed to continue soon - there was a forum post recently.
  • #2 - posted by Vinay666 on 12.07.08 @ 3:00PM
    yeah that's right it will supposedly continue. :p Let's wait and see.
  • #3 - posted by PU-C-CAT on 03.01.09 @ 12:34AM
    It HAS an ending, I saw the anime and read the whole manga. The manga ended recently.
  • #4 - posted by vizardichigo on 03.16.09 @ 6:54PM
    Wrong...The anime concluded at ep 167 which was chapter 356..So from chapter 357 you will be past the anime and it ends at 558..So there is still alot of storyline in the manga to go around...
  • #5 - posted by Gxcarbon on 09.12.09 @ 10:43AM
    well to me if you're going to create an anime, one of the most important thing is having a good ending i mean all of the up-to-date videos were great, inuyasha and kagome and miruko and sango slaying demons while creating and stabilizing their relationships. then when i was hoping to watch more, there's no more i was so upset and worse part is naraku hasn't ever been defeated. hey, you what if they want ideas contact me or anyone else

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