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InuYasha by FMAfreak

“It's a pretty good anime.”
This anime, while at the beginning is a very good anime that catches your attention. But unfortunately, as the series goes on, you start to lose interest and the fact that only the character of Inuyasha develops the most. If it wern't for the filler episodes it would actually be a pretty good anime (but some of the fillers are really funny!). But the ending really sucked :( but the soundtrack is great!I really like this anime but in order to know what happens at the end you have to read the manga which most of us don't want to do (it's aREALLY long manga that's been going on for 12 years). All in all I would say it's a good anime but compared to other animes that have more character development and a better plot this would be a starter anime for those who just got into anime.
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InuYasha: It's a pretty good anime.

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  • #1 - posted by raies on 07.17.09 @ 3:37AM
    wow 12 years manga

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