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Avatar: The Last Airbender by belle10152

Everyone knows about the four elements: Air, Fire, Earth, and water right. Well in this story there are four nations each can control one of these elements. The nations and elements must always be in harmony and balance. There is one person that can control all four of the elements, the avatar. The avatar rotates between which elements it is born into, reincarnation, this time the earth nomads had the avatar. The avatar also can control one element that no one else can, the avatar spirit. When the new avatar was only 12 years old, the fire nation attacked. The avatar, aang, went over the sea and dissapered. 100 years later a water bender named katara and her brother find the avatar and the adventure begins. In the first book aang must travel from the south pole to the north pole to master the element water. In book two earth must be mastered. But aang needs to find a teacher that knows when to use bending and when to wait. So toph is choosen. She is a blind aristocrat from the earth kingdom that uses earth bending to see. While aang is trying to learn the four elements someone is searching for him. Prince Zuko is the banished prince of the fire nation. He talked back to his father during a war meeting and his father challenged him to duel by fire. Zuko's face was scarred and he was banished only to come back when he had captured the avatar. In the third and final book Zuko relizes only he can restore his lost honor and becomes the teach of fire to aang. This is a very good anime I would reccomend it to everyone.
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