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Bleach Review

“Bleach is an exciting and exhilarating roller coaster of action and emotion expertly woven together ”

What would you do if you discovered that you had the ability to see ghosts and fight them? At first glance, 15 year old Kurosaki Ichigo is your average high school student striving to live in that crazy world of teenagers. But now, Ichigo is about to discover that his uncanny ability will turn his world inside out and put him through many extreme and harrowing situations. One night, he meets Kuchiki Rukia, who he discovers is a "Shinigami", or "Death God." She comes to his house because of an attack by a vengeful ghost, a Hollow. She explains to him that because of his high spiritual concentration, he will be targeted by evil spirits called Hollows who would like nothing more than to devour his soul. But during the course of the fight, Rukia is injured and cannot continue, so she offers, or rather tells Ichigo, that he must take some of her powers and defeat the Hollow. Such is the beginning of the epic new anime Bleach. Throughout the series, Ichigo will come up against several menacing opponents, some crazy, and some insane, on his quest to get on with his new life. The first arc contains the story elements about how Ichigo must save Rukia from certain death because she gave up her powers to a human. Being the person Ichigo is, he won't allow this and will stop at nothing to achieve victory. He fights Captains, the highest ranked Shinigami, and several of their subordinates. On the the story arcs that follow, Ichigo must stop a Bounto uprising, meet with the shady group called the Vizard, and then fight the awesomely powerful Arrancar. Bleach is one anime that won't disappoint anyone who likes a good story and some of the best action since Dragon Ball Z.

Written by Nightshiver on 25 March 2008.