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V Type Last episode
Valkyria Chronicles   Serie26
Vampire Hunter D (Licensed)  Movie1
Vampire Hunter D - Bloodlust   Movie1
Vampire Knight (Licensed)  Serie13
Vampire Knight Guilty   Serie13
Vampire Princess Miyu   OVA4
Vampire Princess Miyu TV   Serie26
Vandread 1st Stage (Licensed)  Serie13
Vandread 2nd Stage (Licensed)  Serie13
Variable Geo   OVA3
Venus Versus Virus (Licensed)  Serie12
Very Private Lesson   OVA2
Vexille - 2077 Japan National Isolation (Licensed)  Movie1
Victorian Romance Emma   Serie12
Victorian Romance Emma: Second Act   Serie12
Video Girl Ai   OVA6
Violinist of Hamelin   Serie25
Viper`s Creed   Serie12
Virtua Fighter   Serie35
Virus Buster Serge   Serie12
Vision of Escaflowne   Serie26
Vividred Operation   Serie12
Voices of a Distant Star   OVA1
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